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Airmix® is a unique medium fluid pressure spraying technology in between Airspray (known for high finishing quality with limited fluid flow rate ideally under 400cc/min) & high pressure Airless® (known for good results for high fluid flow but without quality finishing). It is compliant with environmental protection policies.

Airmix® (or Air Assisted Airless® for our competitors) gives a high finishing quality & uniform film build control for high productivity on paint flow rates from 400 to 2000 cc/min with a consistent spray pattern to perfectly atomize small to large amount . Fed by air compressors, Airmix® pumps (with powerful air motors) and guns, featuring all set-ups, with accurate fluid pressure regulator control, are ideal to atomize most products. Our very flexible fluid and air hoses improves the gun maniability. Depending on configurations specifications, all components are available in solution packaged. As for airless® spray gun, increased operator safety is ensured with trigger lock and aircap protection.

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