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Global Finishing Solutions – Paint Booths

Global Finishing Solutions


GFS has a long history of developing and manufacturing the finest industrial finishing equipment. From small, bench-style paint booths to multi-stage automated finishing systems, GFS offers an incredibly diverse range of products for all types of business of all types and sizes.

From dimensions and weight, to temperature, timing and energy usage, GFS’ industrial finishing products are fully customizable. Our modular approach allows you to choose which components you need, while GFS consultants help tailor these components to your specific needs.

Each piece of GFS finishing equipment can be used on its own or in combination with other GFS equipment to form a complete system. GFS industrial finishing products can also be integrated into existing systems to replace aging components and out-of-date technology.


Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) provides a comprehensive line of spray booth products and finishing systems for the woodworking and wood manufacturing industry. All GFS products are designed with one common goal: the ability to produce a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner. Whether you are a small hobbyist or a large manufacturer, GFS has a wide range of product sizes and configurations to meet your wood finishing needs.

GFS’ paint booths and finishing equipment are designed for all types of wood finishing coatings – including stains, varnishes, sealers, fillers, nitrocellulose, water-based lacquer and catalyzed lacquer. Our experienced design and engineering team can work with you to custom design a product or system to meet your requirements.

Ready to Select a Paint Booth?

For large-scale industrial managers and purchasing agents,our experts at MC Supply will walk you through every stop of the process of installation of a paint booth for your industrial facility.  From start to finish, our experts will help you select the proper booth to meet your size, products, and equipment needs.

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