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Goff’s Enterprises Vinyl Curtain Walls and Partitions 

Goff’s Enterprises is dedicated to manufacturing high quality industrial partitions, safety equipment and high performance doors designed to increase productivity while creating a safer work environment for a wide range of industrial markets.

Build your curtain system from the ground up and separate space exactly as your area requires. Industrial curtain walls eliminate the spread of dust, contaminants, overspray and more. Goff’s Original Curtain Walls are designed to make space separation easy, providing the changeable alternative to permanent construction.


Wide Variety of Sizes Suited for your Workplace

Goff's Enterprises Vinyl Curtain Walls

Clearly Define Work Areas for Increased Productivity

Goff's Enterprises Vinyl Partitions for Industrial Use

Create Flexible Work Space Efficiently

Goff's Enterprises Industrial Curtain Walls for Woodworking

Made in the USA for Fast Distribution

Goff's Industrial Autobody Vinyl Walls

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Goff’s Enterprises Vinyl Curtains and Partitions are custom made to fit your specific size and material needs.  Contact MC Supply today to request a quote for your project.