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Green – Fast – Cure Paint Curing Systems

Green Fast Cure Paint Curing Solutions

Green – Fast – Cure technology works by mixing fresh air and gas for a more effective infrared cure, capturing time and energy savings for you. This technology is patented and approved by CSA International. GFC technology uses a mixture of fresh air and gas fuel to provide an oxygen rich atmosphere for better oxidation of the fuel and to generate the amount of “amplitude” power necessary to reach long distances with the effective infrared for curing application. The “pressure” design into the venture/injection system maintains the amplitude to allow the GFC products to have the necessary power of infrared distances from 6 to 8 feet.

Green Fast Cure Paint Curing Solutions are 80% more efficient than convection systems
Green Fast Cure IR Paint Curing Solutions can cure paint in as little as 2 minutes
Green Fast Cure Paint Curing Solutions are 100% user safe catalytic technology
Green Fast Cure Paint IR Paint Curing Solutions Examples
Green Fast Cure Paint Curing Solutions How it Works

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Seeing is believing with the Green Fast Cure infrared drying and curing systems.  MC Supply will travel to your facility to demonstrate the GFC line of products on your specific materials and needs.  Submit a request for a demonstration by clicking the button below