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There area variety of different surfaces which either a physical or chemical treatment can be applied to using an industrial spray gun. Each surface requires a different set of preparations in order to ensure that whichever treatment you are applying to that surface has a long-lasting and effective application. Preparing surfaces is vital to the application process of coating it which either a chemical or physical application.

You can begin preparing surfaces by referencing your relevant materials from the table below:

MaterialPhysical PreparationChemical Preparation
Steelstripping, shotblasting, brushingacid
Aluminumbrushingvapor blast
Plasticheatingplasma torch, acid
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After treating the surface you are applying the coat to, you sure ensure that your surface is also free from non-adherent substances as well as oil, grease, water, and other moisture.

For metal products, it is best to coat the product with a wash primer or an anti-corrosion paint to protect the surface from damage as the result of corrosion. This is vital to the process of preparing surfaces.

Wash primers are a liquid product of around 16s Zahn #2 which should be sprayed in a thin coat across the surface you are treating. This process will remove all the imperfections in the surface of the metal. The phosphoric acid which that wash primer contains attacks the surface of the metal and forms an isolating and impenetrable layer of phosphate to the surface. The wash primer is highly valued for its adhesion to the metal which it is applied to. That surface should then be coated with a layer of paint which plays the role of a protective shield for preparing surfaces.

An anti-corrosion paint is a product used for preparing surfaces which should be sprayed in a thicker layer than the wash primers. Containing anti-corrosive elements, it has the advantage of protecting the metal both physically and chemically simultaneously. Another advantage using an anti-corrosion paint for preparing surfaces is that it saves time by only having one coat as the protective layer. These paints are frequently used on metal frameworks, as the coating you are preparing surfaces of.

If you have any question regarding the specifics of preparing surfaces for steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic, the experts at MC Supply would be happy to answer your specific questions and walk you through the process. You can contact us directly at our toll-free hotline at 1-800-313-6561.