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ASC Automatic Airless Compact Spray Gun


The ASC automatic Airless® gun is a concentration of technologies in a compact and lightweight body. High quality materials make the ASC a highly productive and durable gun. Sames’s finishing technologies deliver premium Airless® applications.
  • Premium Airless® application
  • Heavy duty sustainability
  • High functionality



  • Factory machined premium airless® tip ranges (Flat, reversible Tip Top and fine finishing Skill™)
  • Capability of fast response times and high speed triggering
  • The ASC is the lightest Stainless-steel gun on the market and decreases machine wear
  • A mixture of technology and innovation for Optimal Airless® finishing


  • Smart operation: trigger indicator located on back of gun
  • Highly functional : ASC can work as a spraygun (4-a), a valve (dump, injection, circulation) (4-b), a fast color changer block (4-c) under very high pressure.
  • Overall low maintenance costs with simple construction design (only 10 parts)
  • The ASC is the smallest Airless® automatic gun on the market.  Designed to reach recessed areas


  • Two choices of cartridges available for various coatings:  PTFE or V-seal (GT), which prevents leaks
  • Optional cartridge lubrication for long-term use (especially for UV curing paints)
  • Complete Stainless-steel construction and compatible with most coatings

ASC automatic spray gun provides superior atomization and is developed for high production at medium to high flow rates with low overspray for minimal paint waste.  The ASC gun is the lightest stainless-steel automatic spray gun decreasing bearing wear on painting machines minimizing payload.  Their compact design allows easy access to recessed part areas.  You have a choice of 184 tips:  Skill™ – super fine finishing Airless® tips, Flat for fine finishing and reversible Tip Top for protective coatings.  The simplicity and quality of the material used guarantees low maintenance costs.  ASC is well suited for applying harsh coatings (acid catalyzed, UV coatings) water-based, high viscosity 2K pre-mixed and abrasive type materials.

Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Maximum Fluid Pressure 240 (3480) / 400 (5800) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Transfer Efficiency 81% %
Stainless Steel Body
Carbide Seat
Fluid Inlet M 1/2 JIC
Pilot Air with Quick Fittings 4×6

ASC Automatic Airless Spray Gun Technical Manual

ASC Gun Spare Parts Sheet


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Max Pressure

240 BAR, 400 BAR

Tip Guard

Flat Tips, Reversible Tips


GT Seals, PTFE Seals


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