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Green Fast Cure GF2 Infrared Paint Curing System


The GFC GF2 Infrared Paint Curing System is state-of-the-art infrared paint curing technology that utilizes efficient infrared catalytic combustion for a high quality finish that is much safer and uses less energy than a standard paint curing system.

  • Flameless catalytic combustion, 100% safe to use

  • Infrared medium waves

  • 6 – 8 times faster than convection

  • Very fast curing, low fuel consumption

  • Yields 70-80% in energy savings

  • Short drying time; increase production capacity


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The GFC technology uses a mixture of fresh air and gas fuel to provide an oxygen rich atmosphere for better oxidation of the fuel and to generate the amount of ‘amplitude’ power necessary to reach long distances with the effective infrared paint curing applications.

Green Fast Cure Paint Curing Solutions How it Works

This air/gas system provides many of the advantages of the Green Fast Cure paint curing solutions.  The ‘pressure’ design into the injector system maintains the amplitude to allow the GFC products to have necessary power of infrared distances from 3 to 5 feet.

  • Green Fast Cure thermos heading heads are not affected by air movement- even if you move air around the unit, the wavelengths are still as effective as an infrared paint curing system
  • GFC products can cure almost any coating, including:
    • one stage paints
    • base coat water based or solvent based
    • clear coats
    • plaster
    • polyurethane
    • vinyl
    • polyester
  • Working at the molecular structure of the product allows reducing the risk of solvent popping, pin holes, and other problems caused by force infrared paint curing
  • Read more about how GFC is changing the paint curing process with infrared paint curing systems on our blog post here


Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 30 in


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