Kremlin 02-C85 System with FPRO Airspray Manual Pressure Spray Gun – LVLP-15-XLVB


Kremlin 02-C85 System with FPRO Airspray Manual Pressure Spray Gun – LVLP-15-XLVB, 5 gallon rod & 25′ hoses


Perfectly balanced, the FPro spray gun provides a superior finish for all painters. SAMES KREMLIN offers the largest range of spray guns and accessories for all FPro applications in the high finishing markets.


  • New Standard in Airspray
  • Performance At Your Fingertips
  • Effortlessly Perfect Spraying
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Kremlin 02-C85 System with FPRO Airspray Manual Pressure Spray Gun – LVLP-15-XLVB, 5 gallon rod & 25′ hoses

FPRO Performance

The FPro spray gun gives the perfect finishing available for all painters

  • 1 The widest range of spray guns and accessories for all applications in markets that require high finishing spraying.
  • 2 Patent pending restrictor paint speed controller and patent pending Vortex spin effect delivers a perfect atomization with very high     transfer efficiency (up to 78% in HVLP)
  • 3 Three atomization and aircaps technologies: Conventional, LVLP and HVLP versions available
  • 4 Three different adjustment knobs to get the perfect spray pattern in every conditions


  • 5 Perfectly balanced for reduced repetitive strain injuries
  • 6 The FPro is an extension of the arm and is a natural working tool for painters.
  • 7 High level of sensation on the trigger for a perfect painting application
  • 8 Reduced handle volume, ideal for operators with small hands


  • 9 Elegance of the design, reputable metal, high quality of machining and anodization make the FPro – the ultimate spray gun application solution
  • 10 Simplified and quick maintenance thanks to the reduced number of components
  • 11 New generation of super light hoses, lightweight spray gun body and ergonomic handling, FPro applies the coating with ease and less effort.


02-C85 Pump Performance

  • Ultimate pump for priming & flushing
  • Treated fluid section compatible with water-based materials


  • Large foot valve for use with wide range of materials with a viscosity of up to 2,000 cps
  • Less waste during flushing


  • Air motor with 45% less spare parts
  • Reliable operation due to the use of upper spring loaded GT packing
  • Improved abrasion resistance & low friction due to the use of chrome treated stainless steel
Available for airspray & electrostatic airspray configurations.


Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Pressure Ratio 2 : 1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 10 (144.9) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Weight 5 (11) kg (lbs)
Maximum Temperature 60 (140) °C (°F)
Cylinder 85 (2.9) cc (oz)
Sound Level 81 dBa
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn 2.6 (0.7) l/min (gal/mn)
Free Flow Rate 5.1 (1.3) l/mn (gal/mn)
Air Consumption at 30 Cycles/mn at 4 Bar (60 psi) 2.1 (1.2) m³/h (cfm)
Air Inlet F 3/8″ BSP
Fluid Outlet M 3/8″ NPS
Fluid Inlet M 18×125
Number of cycles per liter of products 12
Sealing packing lower acetal resin seal
Sealing packing upper GT cartridge with polyethylene packing
Height 41 (16.1) cm (in)
Wetted parts aluminum, stainless steel
Width 28 (11) cm (in)
Depth 17 (6.7) cm (in)

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 18 in


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