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Membrane Dryers for Ultra-Clean and Dry Air


Engineered for long-term reliability and efficient air filtration, the La-Man-Dry AMD Series SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer is the optimal choice for providing compressed air applications with ultra-clean and dry air. This high-quality dryer filters the compressed air down to .01 micron and also lowers the dew point by diffusing the water vapor into the surrounding atmosphere to deliver moisture-free, ultra clean, and dry compressed air.

The La-Man® Extractor Dryer® combined with the La-Man® SuperStar™ .01 Micron Filter provides an industry-leading four-stage pre-filtration system for the membrane dryer. Due to the importance of proper pre-filtration for any membrane dryer, La-Man® has taken the necessary steps to incorporate this four-stage system to protect our AMD Series SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in
SCFM Series

50, 80, 150, 250, 500


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