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Sames Kremlin XCITE™ AIRMIX® Manual Air Spray Gun

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The Xcite™ Airmix® manual paint spray gun delivers outstanding performance with unsurpassed finish quality for a quick payback. It is available in 3 pressure ranges: 120, 200 & 400 bar (1740-2900-5400psi) to meet every application. The Xcite™ is HVLP paint sprayer compliant.
  • Product savings & environmental protection
  • Unsurpassed atomization quality of spraying
  • Ergonomically designed for outstanding performance
  • Xcite 120 spray gun with swivel, tip, and aircap


  • Product savings & environmental protection
  • Unsurpassed atomization quality of spraying
  • Ergonomically designed for outstanding performance



  • Large tip selection with dedicated X-tra™ Fine Finish tips for water-based material with wide choice of flow rates and fan width patterns
  • Job repeatability with our selection of tips that are individually tested to guarantee a consistent pattern
  • Unsurpassed finishing quality and outstanding transfer efficiency with VX24 HVLP aircap
  • Built-in filter with high filtration capacity to avoid tip blockage and minimize pressure loss


  • EZ Adjust Aircap to facilitate the rotation of the head from horizontal to vertical spray
  • Fluid inlet with or without swivel fitting for low torque effort minimizing operator fatigue
  • Light paint gun and ergonomic design for comfortable fit and feel
  • Built-in hook to keep the paint gun near the workstation
  • Large amplitude of the fan width adjustment for time savings; no need to change the tip


  • Ergonomic paint gun trigger pull with minimal force
  • Increased operator safety with trigger lock and aircap protection
  • Anodized body with laser engraving not affected by exposure to solvents
  • Construction built to last and compatible with all types of materials (even water-based with stainless steel fluid passage and Rulon® sealing)
  • Double seal technology to prevent aircap leakage and paint return on the air circuit

SAMES KREMLIN created Airmix® technology in 1975.  Airmix® is an intermediate spray technology that combines the finish quality of Airspray with the productivity of Airless® paint sprayer and is the industrial standard for Air-Assisted Airless®  today.  SAMES KREMLIN Xcite™ paint gun benefits of our latest expertise.

Airmix® spraying technology is the best compromise between productivity and finish quality with the highest transfer efficiency up to 86%, minimizing paint waste, increasing productivity, improving working conditions and preserving the environment.

Benefits per technologies Transfer efficiency Atomization quality Flow rate
Airspray spraying
Airmix® spraying
Airless® spraying

What makes Airmix®  paint gun so popular in the industry?

Our Xcite™ paint gun, formely known as Kremlin Rexson, has been sold worldwide since its first launching back in 2009. Our Xcite™ Airmix® paint spray guns range improves a lot the finish quality of your professional paint job projects. They are available with or without swivel fitting for improved maniability and performance. We supply a large number of spray gun kits with hoses and pumps, together with accessories. Our policy is to give you the most easy solutions to improve your performances with our paint gun while reducing overspray.

Airmix® (or Air Assisted Airless® ) gives a high finishing quality & uniform film build control for high productivity on paint flow rates from 400 to 2000 cc/min with a consistent spray pattern to perfectly atomize small to large amount of paints.

Discover why our Airmix®  paint gun solution will fit your needs?

Fed by air compressors, Airmix® pumps (with powerful air motors) and paint guns, featuring all set-ups, with accurate fluid pressure regulator control, are ideal for atomizing most products. Our professional pumps can be fed by suction rods or gravity hoppers (cups) to meet any paint jobs. Our cup pumps are available in diiferent powers ranging from high output to smaller productions. Our Flowmax® pump – bellow technology – feeds spray gun with a constant and regular flow and no risk of leakage. Our very flexible fluid and air hoses improves the gun maniability. For any paint gun supplies, contact us.

Our Xcite™ Airmix® spray guns deliver a high transfer efficiency up to 86% (HVLP paint sprayer compliant). There are many reasons why transfer efficiency is so important:

  • Significant paint savings:  more paint on finished products and less in the booth
  • Reduce spray booth maintenance: reduction in overspray (for HVLP spray guns)
  • Protect the environment: VOC emissions reduced – like an HVLP paint sprayer
  • Higher level of paint coat uniformity: high-quality coverage and regular film build thickness

Three Xcite™ Airmix® paint guns are available:

  • Xcite™ 120: works with a pump with pressure ratio up to 20/1 – assembled with a stainless steel seat
  • Xcite™ 200: works with a pump with pressure ratio up to 33/1 – assembled with a carbide seat
  • Xcite™ 400: recommended to apply single adhesive and sealant materials, MS polymers, adhesives, grease and a large range of materials requiring an atomization pressure higher than 200 bar (2900 psi).

For higher operating pressures, please visit our section dedicated to Airless® paint sprayers. For any questions on the use of your Xcite™ Airmix® paint spray gun, the packaged solutions, paint gun accessories and the number of air caps and tips (nozzles) available, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in detail!



Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Maximum Fluid Pressure 120 – 200 – 400 (1740 – 2900 – 5400) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Recommended Air Pressure (min) 0.7 – 3 (11.6 – 43) bar (psi)
Transfer Efficiency 86 %
Maximum Fluid Temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
Air Inlet M 1/4 NPS
Trigger Lock Safety
Polished Forged Aluminum Body
Stainless Steel, PTFE, Carbide Wetted Parts
Fluid Swivel Fitting (available upon version) x
Weight 579 (20) g (oz)

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 in


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