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Sames Kremlin 10C18 AIRMIX® Paint Pump System

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The 10C18 AIRMIX® professional paint sprayer is only available as a complete spraying package. It ensures constant and pulse free delivery for superior finish.
  • Designed for long-lasting industrial use
  • Fast color changes with minimum solvent consumption
  • Simple design to minimize maintenance time and operation
  • Includes XCITE 120 Gun, tip, 5 gallon suction rod, 25 foot hoses and wall mount



  • Designed for long-lasting industrial use
  • Fast color changes with minimum solvent consumption
  • Simple design to minimize maintenance time and operation
  • Includes 25 foot hoses and wall mount

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  • Optimized air motor working perfectly with an air compressor of only 0,5 HP.
  • Quiet air motor for comfort.
  • Limited pulsation thanks to fast motor inversion even at very low air pressure.
  • Full stainless steel fluid section: perfectly adapted to a wide range of materials including waterborne paints.


  • Large foot valve delivering enough suction power to handle a large range of material viscosity.
  • Suction valve fully compatible with other pump on the range (15C25 and 30C25).
  • Reduced fluid section volume minimizes product and solvent losses during flushing.
  • Closed construction decreases the risk of injuries and protect lubricant from external contamination.


  • Easy servicing with direct access to the suction valve.
  • Easy coupling for a quick dissasembling.
  • The mobile seal located on the piston ensures the mechanical cleaning of  the fluid section internal wall during the paint pump run.
  • No external air distributor allows 45% less part vs competitors for a better maintenance.
  • Triple chrome-plated piston parts compatible with all waterborne materials.
  • Single GT seal, no throat packing maintenance, low friction & large lubricant wet cup.



Recommended for small industries to benefit of both Airmix® spray technology advantages and simple and performing Sames Kremlin pump range. Economic solution to handle low viscosity materials (up to 3000 cps) with a very low motor air consumption and a low volume fluid section for fast color changes with a minimum of product loss

The 10C18 Airmix® pump packages are available in either stand or wall-mounted versions (cart mounting as an option). Packages are available with one Xcite ™ 120 bar manual Airmix® paint sprayer equipped with or without an 06.094 tip size and 7.5m (25ft) fluid and air hoses. A large variety of accessories and tools is available for any customer needs.

What makes our Airmix® 10C18 painting supplies unique?

All our equipment are designed for any industrial professional application projects. The 10C18 painting equipment is an essential and unique offer to benefit of SAMES KREMLIN premium quality equipment and all the Airmix® benefits. Choosing this equipment will really put you in a pole position for quality spraying with a minimum investment for big paint savings, reduced paint booth contamination, cleaner environment and pros operator comfort.

What are the recommended applications for our complete package?

This full package is the ideal choice if your ladders of priorities is to get an efficient equipment for your paint job ready to connect to your paint buckets or tray (as in the diy market). It is ideal to meet any type of production job in every market (metal, wood and furniture items, plastic,, …) and for every part frames.

Our equipment features stainless steel construction to dispense solvent or wayer-based fluid products such as coatings (top coats, primers, varnishes, stains ….) for any kind of production applications rates with a great transfer efficiency. The minimum overspray will minimize masking operations,

Our 10C18 painting equipment supplies paint to our Xcite Airmix® spray gun for a perfect atomization, ideal fan pattern size and meets any type of production need in every market (metal, wood, plastic, railways,, …).

Our pumps packings are designed for a long shelf life. They are designed for operator safety, skin and as an extension cloths care (closed construction)

We also supply all pump accessories and tools to apply paint in the most efficient way. All you need to do is submit your need to your local distributor stores, which reviews your application to determine the best tip size. Our range – dedicated to the industrial finishing production industry includes also other spray pumps kits fitted with spray guns and hoses if ypur needs may evolve (need to paint larger parts, ceilings ….).



Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Pressure Ratio 10/1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 60 (870) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 1.9 (1.12) m³/h (cfm)
Maximum Temperature 60 (140) °C (°F)
Sound Level 79.4 dBa
Recommended Air Pressure 2 – 5 (29 – 72.5) bar (psi)
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn 0.54 (014) l/min (gal/mn)
Fluid Output at 20 cycles/mn 0.36 (0.095) l/mn (gal/mn)
Fluid Volume per Cycle 18 (0.61) cc
Free Flow Rate 1.1 (0.29) l/mn (gal/mn)
Fluid Output at 15 cycles / mn 0.27 (0.07) l/mn (gal/mn)
Air Consumption at 30 cycles/mn at 4 bar (60 psi) 1.9 m³/h (cfm)
Displacement Per Cycle 18 (1.09) cc (cubic inch)
Motor Type 340-2
Air Inlet F3/8″ BSP
Fluid Outlet M 1/2″ JIC
Fluid Inlet F 1/2” BSP / M 26×125
Hard Chrome Stainless Steel, Wetted Parts
Number of Cycles per liter of products 55
Sealing Packing Lower PEHD
Sealing Packing Upper GT cartridge with polyethylene packing
Height 39.2 (15.5) cm (in)
Width 27.8 (11) cm (in)
Depth 15 (5.9) cm (in)
Wetted Shares: Stainless Steel
Weight 5.3 (12) kg (lbs)

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 20 in


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