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Sames Kremlin 35C50 AIRMIX® Paint Pump



The 35C50 Airmix® paint pump will deliver excellent performance and outstanding benefits because of our proven pumping technology. With a powerful air motor, the 35C50 can feed up to (2) Airmix® or (2) SFlow™ Airspray spray guns. It can handle material viscosities from 20 cps up to 5000 cps with very low air consumption. It comes with an optimized volume fluid section for fast color changes with minimal material loss.

The 35C50 Airmix® paint pump packages are available in wall-mount versions with cart mounting as an option. Packages are available with (1) Xcite™ 200 bar Airmix® manual spray gun equipped with a 12.114 tip and 7.5 m (25ft) air and fluid hoses. An Airless® version with the SFlow™ spray gun is also available. A large variety of options are available to meet all customer requirements.

System includes 35c50 Pump, wall mount, Xcite 200 filter, 5 gallon rod, and 25 foot hoses


The 35C50 Airmix® paint pump ensures constant and pulse-free delivery for superior, industrial finishing.
  • Designed for long-lasting industrial use
  • Fast color changes with minimum solvent consumption
  • Simple design to minimize maintenance time and operation

Designed for long-lasting industrial use

  • Fast color changes with minimum solvent consumption
  • Simple design to minimize maintenance time and operation

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  • Quiet and balanced air motor for constant delivery
  • There is minimal pulsation due to quick air motor change over at low air pressures
  • Stainless-steel fluid section compatible with a wide range of materials including water-based paints
  • Designed to eliminate dead zones for quick color changes
  • Pulse-free for a superior finish
  • Able to flush and prime at very low air pressures (0.6 bar/8.5 psi)


  • Large foot valve to handle high viscosity materials up to 5,000 cPs – carbide seat
  • Small fluid section, minimal material loss during color changes
  • Closed construction decreases the risk of injuries and protects the lubricant from external contamination
  • Leak indicator weep hole for fast visual inspection
  • Easy rotating outlet fitting to fit various configurations


  • Stall-free Differential Air Motor won’t ice up
  • Easy to service with direct access to the suction valve
  • Single piece built-in cartridge with no dead zone
  • Easy coupling for a quick disassembling
  • Mobile seal located on the piston ensures the cleaning of the fluid section internal wall while the  pump is in operation
  • Low maintenance, no external air distributor assembly. 45% fewer parts vs competition
  • Triple chrome-plated piston parts compatible with most materials
  • Magnetic reversing valve to eliminate pump surge
  • Reduced spare parts: 50% fewer parts vs competition


Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Pressure Ratio 35
Maximum Fluid Pressure 210 (3000) bar (psi)
Recommended Fluid Output 1500 (0.4 gal/min) cc/mn (cfm)
Maximum Fluid Output 3000 (0.8 gal/min) cc/mn (cfm)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 15 m³/h (cfm)
Maximum Temperature 60 (140) °C (°F)
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn 1.5 (0.4) l/min (gal/mn)
Fluid Volume per Cycle 50 (0.013 gal) cc
Free Flow Rate 5 (1.3) l/mn (gal/mn)
Fluid Output at 15 cycles / mn 750 (0.19 gal/min) l/mn (gal/mn)
Seal Packings PE UHMW
Height 58.5 (23) cm (in)
Width 23.5 (9.05) cm (in)
Depth 23.5 (9.05) cm (in)
Wetted Shares: Stainless Steel
Weight 8 kg (lbs)

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 22 in


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