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Sames Kremlin Airmix Spray Tips


KREMLIN Airmix® spray tip is dedicated to automatic range and manual Xcite™ gun . Recommended for solvent based paint.
  • The finish quality of the Airspray with the productivity of the airless®
  • Built with hard carbide
  • Transfer efficiency of 86%

Please refer to the Sames Kremlin Airmix Tip Chart for selecting the proper fine finish tip for your Sames Kremlin spray gun


  • The finish quality of the Airspray with the productivity of the airless®
  • Built with hard carbide
  • Transfer efficiency of 86%


  • Transfer efficiency of 86%
  • Optimum quality of spraying starting from 50 bar (725 psi)


  • All tips have the same consistent pattern and flow to guarantee constant productivity


  • The carbide use is the hardest in the world to guarantee the longest lifetime possible.
The KREMLIN Airmix® tips can be used on our Xcite™ manual gun , AVX & ATX automatic gun. They bring a super finish quality result. Kits of pump plus hose & gun are available.

SAMES KREMLIN is a manufacture of high quality paint sprayer tips (airspray, airmix, airless® …)  since 1925. We offer a great number of tip models for each job, with a selection of tip sizing to evenly paint any part surface, small or large  (interior or exterior paints…) and always apply the right amount of product for cleaner environment areas . To make sure that every tip built in our factory yields the best results, we follow a precise machining process – especially for the tip hole (orifice) determining the flowrate.  That guarantees consistent material output at different spray fan angles each & every time.


Each tip/nozzle is tested for a great result, whatever the applied product (primer, stains, paint, enamels, varnishes, latex, oils….). Our tips are built with carefully selected materials to guarantee optimum results. The size of our tips – defined by the orifice/hole diameter – allows to achieve small, medium or larger fan width spray pattern to meet any job requirement . It is very important to maintain optimal conditions to prevent any plugging (filters fiited with the right strainers, to be replaced frequently for maximum coverage results).

Choosing the right tip and determining its code part number depends on the paint or material you are using (fluid or thick material…). We suggest you read carefully our Airmix® (air assisted airless® ) guides.  Please contact our sales representatives which will help you choose your replacement tip!   Discover on our website, all the technical characteristics of our wide selection of spray tip/nozzle with the right code number to build your part number depending of the fan size by consulting the dedicated product pages.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in
Airmix Tip Number

02, 03, 04, 06, 09, 12, 14, 18, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 60

Max Fan Width

10'', 12'', 13'', 15'', 18'', 22'', 3.5'', 5'', 7'', 9'', 9.5''

Airmix Tip Finish

Fine Finish (Standard), Xtra Fine Finish


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