Sames Kremlin FPRO P AIRSPRAY Manual Spray Gun


Perfectly balanced, the FPro P, pressure paint spray gun, provides a superior finish for all painters. SAMES KREMLIN offers the largest range of spray guns and accessories for all FPro applications in the high finishing markets.
  • New Standard in Airspray
  • Performance At Your Fingertip
  • Effortlessly Perfect Spraying


  • New Standard in Airspray
  • Performance At Your Fingertip
  • Effortlessly Perfect Spraying


  • The FPro P spray gun gives the perfect finishing available for all painters
  • The widest range of spray guns and accessories for all applications in markets that require high finishing spraying
  • Patent pending restrictor paint speed controller and patent pending Vortex spin effect delivers a perfect atomization with very high transfer efficiency (up to 78% in HVLP)
  • Three atomization and aircap technologies: Conventional, LVLP and HVLP available versions
  • Three different adjustment knobs to get the perfect spray pattern in every condition


  • Perfectly balanced for reduced repetitive strain injuries
  • The FPro P is an extension of the arm and is a natural working tool for painters
  • High level of sensation on the trigger for a perfect painting application
  • Reduced handle volume, ideal for operators with small hands


  • Elegance of the design, reputable metal, high quality of machining and anodization make the FPro P – the ultimate spray gun application solution
  • Simplified and quick maintenance thanks to the reduced number of components
  • New generation of super light hoses, lightweight spray gun body and ergonomic handling, FPro applies the coating with ease and less effort for all your projects

FPro P – the New Standard in Airspray: In 1925 SAMES KREMLIN created Airspray technology and in 2017, reinvented the way to atomize paint with patented innovations for the Airspray market. How did we do this? We developed a new axis based on decades of experience in prestigious customer applications.
The PATENTED innovative Restrictor controls and pre-atomizes the paint into smaller droplets. It also slows the paint speed down and allows time for the aircap to atomize the paint at the perfect droplet size thus avoiding any bounce back onto the part and increases the transfer efficiency. The PATENDED Vortex effect actually spins the paint, allowing high levels of penetration of the paint onto complex-shaped parts. The path between the nozzle and the part becomes longer which slows down the paint avoiding any bounce back effect to the part. Therefore, the transfer efficiency is increased for optimal finish quality for all your projects.

Benefits per technology Atomization quality Transfer efficiency Flow rate
Conventional spraying         
HVLP spraying      
LVLP spraying        

The applications for the FPro P Airspray paint gun (also available as an HVLP paint sprayer) to apply paint are extensive and cover most markets! You can apply paint in the most favorable conditions.

Dye Stain application

The FPro settings allow you to perfectly control and optimize the fan spray pattern for a perfect result.

For Wood Finishing, dye stains are essential to achieve the desired appearance for the wood finish product texture. Staining with Airspray pressure paint sprayers may lead to costly and time consuming rework!

The solution is to use the new FPro pressure-fed spray gun with its newly developed Restrictor and Vortex technologies to achieve:

  • good access to parts with recessed areas (using the Vortex effect)
  • perfect film build  (thanks to the Vortex effect)
  • quick application with less pass throughs
  • minimum overspray leading to better working conditions and reduced booth maintenance (thanks to the Restrictor effect)

The FPro P paint gun combined with the Vortex and Restrictor technologies gives amazing results while saving products! The FPro P has all the settings to help you control spray. These paint guns can be used with all air compressors and are recommended to spray varnishes, lacquers, shades, and polyurethanes, including two components.

The FPro P LP Airspray guns are also pneumatic HVLP spray guns with a high transfer efficiency. A projector, model HVLP/LVLP can be fitted on the gun for small rates.

For higher rates, we recommend the use of projectors, model CONV-23 27-Lvb, CONV-23 27-Mvb, CONV-23 27-Srb and CONV-33 40-Srb. The FPro P CONV, with high spraying quality, enables spraying of any kind of materials (low or high viscosity).

Note that if you are using UV paints, our Airless® paint sprayers – combined with our Skill™ Tip technology – is recommended for applying UV paint and primer to solid wood and MDF wood.

Learn more on our Wood market specialized webpage!

The FPro P is available with a wide choice of kits with either pressure pots, diaphragm, or piston pumps with suction rods or gravity-fed cup, including all accessories (filter, regulator) allowing you to choose the best solution for applying paint.


Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Maximum Fluid Pressure 6 bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Outlet 750 (26.3) cc/min (oz/min)
Minimum Fluid Outlet 200 (7) cc/min (oz/min)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
Air Inlet M 1/4″ NPS
Fluid Inlet M 3/8″ NPS
Ph 5-8
Tips / Nozzle
Recommended CONV Air Pressure 2.5 (36) – 3.5 (51) bar (psi)
Recommended HVLP/LVLP Air Pressure 1,5 (22) – 2,5 (36) bar (psi)
Air Consumption CONV (at 2.5 – 3.5 bar / at 36 – 51 psi) 21.8 (12.8) – 28.2 (16.6) m3/h (cfm)
Transfer Efficiency CONV 66 %
Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel, POM C, Polypropylene
Air Consumption HVLP/LVLP (at 1.5 – 2.5 bar / at 22 – 36 psi) 16.1 – 23.5 (9.5- 13.8) m3/h (cfm)
Weight 480 (16.9) g (oz)
High Voltage Unit 78 / 72

Additional information



Nozzle Size

0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.3mm, 2.7mm

Max Fan Width at 20cm (8in)

>30cm – 40cm (> 12in – 16in), >40cm (> 16in)


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