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Sames Kremlin FPRO Suction Feed Spray Gun



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  • The FPro spray gun delivers a perfect quality finish for all skill levels
  • Patented Vortex delivers perfect atomization with very high transfer efficiency (Vortex uses spinning effect)
  • Perfectly balanced for reduced Carpal Tunnel injuries
  • The FPro S is an extension of the arm and user-friendly spray gun designed for all painters
  • Suction booster valve provides enhanced suction power
  • Ergonomic handle ideal for operators with small hands Sustainability
  • FPro S has an elegant design and is made of high quality anodized, machined metal. It is the ultimate spray gun solution for your application needs 8 Reduced number of components for quick and simple maintenance
  • Reusable aluminum cup with a simplified clamping system
  • 3M adaptor available for painters who prefer to use 3M disposable cups for small quantities
  • Lightweight spray gun available with ultra-flexible air hose for effortless use and ergonomic handling

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in


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