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Sames Kremlin Inogun M Manual Powder Gun


The Sames Kremlin Inogun M sprayer gathers all SAMES KREMLIN’s knowledge and expertise to provide the best of electrostatic technology for the manual application of powder.
  • Lifetime finish quality: Long life cascade durability and HV performance
  • Efficient powder transfer: TEC5 technology
  • Balanced and ergonomic design: No repetitive strain damage, less fatigue



  • Outstanding comfort of use: well-balanced and comfortable handle grip
  • Quick hose powder disconnection: quick color changes and rotation for flexibility
  • Constant and stable spray for a smooth and even application
  • TEC5 technology delivers high finish quality
  • Three factory presets for quick start. 99 custom presets available to meet the most production requirements


  • Advanced HV control for an excellent penetration of complex-shaped parts
  • Wide range of adapted nozzles for optimal application
  • Powerful cascade providing a strong wraparound effect
  • Easy application of metallic powder
  • Fast color change and cleaning
  • High transfer efficiency to reduce working time


  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Wear part status monitoring imbedded in the INOBOX controller
  • Very good abrasion resistance for nozzles
  •  2+1 years warranty *

* except wearable parts, see conditions to apply on the warranty page of our web site



The Inogun M is designed to provide the best quality powder application because it is well-balanced, supplied with low voltage cable, powder tube and reactive trigger that requires a gentle touch. The powerful high voltage unit coupled with the high voltage control unit provides a high wraparound effect on large parts (D. 500mm / 20 in) and has deep penetration into recessed areas. This reduces the cost of the equipment with a better powder usage rate and reduces the time to spray the powder.

The Inogun M is controlled by the Inobox which has a clear and easy to use interface. The connected integrated Inocontroller can also be used when it is necessary to integrate an automatic booth. The Inobox and the Inocontroller are the main control centers for manual and automatic applications as it performs high voltage and all air controls: current, electrode cleaning air, injection, and dilution. Dust and energy saving has been implemented at the heart of the gun to reduce waste, and increase productivity and the quality of finishing powder. TEC5 (Transfer Electronic Control) technology provides electrostatic charge self-adjustment, taking into account powder flow and part distance, to optimize powder transfer efficiency and finish quality.

The Inogun M is available in different kits according to the needs of your powder coating process. The Inogun M can be used as a main applicator to perform powder coating and can be mounted on a tank or independent powder supply box on a vibrating table. The Inogun M can be used as a pre-touch or touch-up solution in an automatic booth to obtain the desired coating on the workpiece. The Inogun M is also used for non-destructive testing applications.

* To apply to our warranty extension, visit our dedicated webpage


Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (101.5) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 2 – 10 (1.2 – 5.9) m3/h (cfm)
High Voltage (maximum) 100 kV
Current Max 110 µA
Relative Humidity Max 80 %
Height 265 (10.4) mm (in)
Width 52 (2) mm (in)
Length (gun only) 340 (13.4) mm (in)
Weight 549 (19.4) g (oz)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 15 in


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