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Sames Kremlin Magma 500 Fluid Heater


Fluid heater is an optional device used for material preparation and air heating. Magma heater range is available up to 500 bar (7250 psi) to supply for heated anti-corrosion applications.
  • High pressure for heavy duty applications
  • Excellent performance even without circulation
  • Stainless steel design compatible with most coatings


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  • Perfect for High Solid coatings: minimizes pressure losses and allows high flow output
  • Ultra high response time: 3800W heating power, material temperature rise of 50°C (122°F) at 1 lpm (0.26gpm)


  •  Air heating assistance: enhances atomizing air lowering the dry time and increasing the finish quality of Airmix® and Airspray coating
  •  Precise temperature control: Maintains material temperature regardless of environmental factors


  • Safety: the full range of Magma 500 integrates a temperature limiter
  • Modular Design: Makes it possible to replace the lower fluid body without changing the electrical modules eliminating the need to purchase a completely new heater
  • Fully Stainless steel construction makes it compatible with most materials

Magma range is the only heater on the market to offer premium performances for all materials.

Magma heaters can be used in paint kitchens for circulation to maintain a constant temperature for each color or for direct heating (One Pass) to increase the temperature of the paint just before the application. This helps to atomize the paint at a lower pressure and reduces the use of solvents and thinners as heated paint will have a lower viscosity thus reducing VOC emissions. Additionally, the Magma heater can heat the atomizing air for faster drying times and increase finish quality in Airmix® or Airspray applications.

Our Magma heater is available in two sizes – 9mm (0.35in) ID for liquid to semi-viscous materials or a unique High Volume-HV 14mm (0.55in) ID for viscous to paste materials. For optimal safety, the range is fully explosion proof (II 2G Ex db IIB T4 Gb). (not applicable for NA)

When using the MAGMA heaters, the main benefits of heating the material are:
• Higher layer thicknesses can be achieved
• Viscosity adjustment without solvent consumption → reduction of VOC emission
• Lower pump output pressure → long packing lifetime
• Higher finishing quality → especially by using the atomizing air heating option
• Lower drying time
• Uniformity of the application, preserving the fluid line from temperature variations in a workshop

The following materials may be heated:

  • Water and solvent-based
  • Viscosity from 20 s CA4 to 100,000 cps
  • Epoxy primer, Polyurethane top coat, clear coat or varnish
  • Polyester
  • Single or plural components
  • UV coatings
  • High solid
  • High rich zinc coating
  • Sealant

One reference (440V version) can be controlled with external unit.


Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Weight 17.6 (38.8) kg (lbs)
Length 220 (8.7) mm (in)
Height 405 (16) mm (in)
Width 180 (7) mm (in)
Recommended Fluid Pressure 500 (7250) bar (psi)
Maximum Viscosity 100,000 cps
Temperature 85 (185) °C (°F)
100% Silicone-Free

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 8 in
Internal Diameter

14mmID, 9mmID


#5, #8


115V/1800W, 230V/3500W, 400V/3800W


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