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Wagner Industrial Puma 21-110 High Pressure Piston Pump


The Wagner Industrial Puma 21-110 is a high-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for AirCoat applications up to 168 bar and 6.6 L/min. Ideal, for example, for multiple guns in a flatbed machine.



Reliable- The unique internal design of the motor and its special discharge valves drastically reduce ice formation and prevent accumulation to ensure superior performance and exceptional reliability.

Outstanding durability- very high reliability and unique features make the IceBreaker® the optimal choice for almost any high-pressure application.

Under Full Pressure- The packing-free, anti-stalling pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure, regardless of the adjusted working pressure, to guarantee high speed inversions and optimal performance.

Safe Operation- The pressure regulator is integrated with a safety air valve to ensure when it is closed that no pressure is left in the air motor.

Service Friendly- The release agent cup is easily accessible. The quick-release coupling between the piston rod and air motor make it possible to quickly and easily disconnect the fluid section.

Filtration and Recirculation- The fluid section has the option to be fitted with a high pressure fluid filter or release combo for a quick pressure release, fill or flush function.

Performance and durability- Self-adjusting packings and a thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensures durability regardless of the material used.

Easy and long lasting- The large ball valve with hard metal seats ensures a strong suction power and an extremely long working life. Easily opened for cleaning without disassembling the fluid section. The suction hose moves freely on a swivel joint.

Acid Catalyst Option- All components that come into contact with the acid catalyst can be supplied in 316ss. This option can be used with the TwinControl and 2K Smart mix systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Pump Ratio: 21:1
  • Operating Pressure: 168 bar, 2437 PSi
  • Volumetric Flow per Double Stroke: 110 cm³/DS, 6,71 in³/DH
  • Volumetric Flow per 60 DH: 6.6 l/min
  • Max Stroke Rate: 60 DS/min
  • Material Inlet: M-M 36×2
  • Material Outlet: M-M 24×1,5
  • Air Inlet Pressure:2,5 – 8,0 bar, 36 – 116 PSI
  • Sound Level at 6 BAR Air Pressure:74 dB(A)
  • Material Temperature: 5 – 80 °C, 41 – 176 °F
  • Ambient Temperature: 5 – 60 °C, 41 – 140 °F
  • Material PH: 3.5 – 9 pH
  • Max Material Pressure at Pump Inlet: 20 bar, 290 PSI
  • Allowable Inclination: ±10 °
  • Weight: 28,0 kg, 61.7 lb


Additional information

Weight 85 lbs


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