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Wagner Industrial Wildcat 10-70 HP Piston Pump


The Wagner Industrial Wildcat 10-70 is a high pressure piston pump made of stainless steel that is suited for AirCoat applications up to 80 bar and 4 L/min. Ideal, for example, for small material supply stations and individual coating stations.


Wagner Industrial’s IceBreaker high-pressure pumps belong WAGNER’s full product family for the entire range of of industrial applications. Whether for window production or for coating of large-scale wind power plants; whether for timber, synthetic materials or metal coatings, thin paints or high-viscous corrosion protection: IceBreaker pumps demonstrate their extreme reliability, long life, robustness and high energy efficiency. The air motor operates practically ice-free and with extremely low pulsation. This ensures an optimum, constant coating quality.

Technical Data Table

Product weight: 17,00 Kg
Operating pressure: 80 bar, 1160 PSI
Volumetric flow per double stroke: 70 cm³/DH, 4,27 in³/DH
Material inlet: A M 36×2
Material outlet: A M 24×1,5
Air inlet pressure: 2,5-8,0 bar, 36-116 PSI
Material temperature: 5-80 °C, 41-176 °F
Weight: 17,0 kg, 37.5 lb
Air inlet connection: I G 1/2″
Max. material pressure
at pump inlet:
20 bar, 290 PSI

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Packing Material

Teflon, Teflon Graphite


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