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Sames Kremlin their newest product!  The Regpro is the 2in1 low pressure filter-regulator from Sames gathering the 2 main functions needed for your spraying systems: regulation and filtration.

The Regpro is designed to provide a low pressure fluid control for all professional painters looking for robustness, reliability and productivity. Its innovative design allows the paint to go first through the filter screen. This prevents any impureties to reach the diaphragm to possibly damage it ensuring its maximum life time.  The regulation is therefore always optimal which ensure you a perfect stable flow and thus a high end quality application.

Finally, our EPA Compliant Airspray manual and automatic spray guns, fed by the Prima  01D100 and the Regpro, provide an outstanding atomization. You are now ready to spray all types of solventborne, waterborne, high solids and 2K materials.

Regpro, the leading air piloted fluid regulator and filter in one-single product for stable and precise paint flow.